So you want to be your own boss?

So you want to be your own boss, set your own hours and make money and not have to answer to anyone and go to work in your PJ’s’ huh? Well, good luck. Here is the reality of owning your own business. I have learned a LOT of this the hard way.

  • Not having to deal with people when you don’t feel like it. Yeah good luck with this one. You will HAVE to deal with people when you least feel like it. Whether online or a store front or whatever, you have to deal with customers. Whether this is answering emails, phone calls, or meetings you’re gonna have to deal with people who may not be the most pleasant on their schedule, not necessarily yours.
  • You will make a LOT of money working for yourself! Good luck. LOL I don’t mean that in a bad way but if you think your going to make 20k-30k right off the bat you are very mistaken. It often takes 6 mos 5 yrs or more before a business actually turns a profit. Until then often you will need to find some way to pay yourself whether that is through a part-time job or a salary which you factor into your pricing. To be honest at first you are going to put out WAY more than you will make, so be prepared for that.
  • You can work when you feel like it. Yes and no. yes you are the boss and yes you have more flexibility to your schedule then you probably would have in a regular job setting. The flip side is you have deadlines to meet and nobody to help get the project done, friends and family will think you aren’t “that busy” and want t pull you away from work that NEEDS to be done. Oh and don’t forget you have to do all your own advertising, research and development, handle all social media and billing and tax accounts and do the shipping and inventory also not to mention you need to keep up with the housework, grocery shopping and errands etc… so yeah you can do whatever you want around all of that. When your starting out you can’t afford a staff, you are on your OWN, so be ready for some LONG hours and some almost sleepless nights.
  • GOOD NEWS!!! You can go to work in your PJs’!!! That is as long as your don’t have to get the mail, go to the store, meet a customer/client, take the dog out, have people stopping over or basically have to leave your house all day long.  Oh and as long as you don’t have nosy neighbors who live basically right up against your house. Go ahead and work in your PJ’s!
  • You are your own boss! OK yep you are your own boss! I can’t argue this one, but being your own boss means you have to give yourself a kick in the pants when it’s needed. You have to make sure YOU fulfill all your contracts and get all the projects done. YOU have to do it all! and while it may be easy to let yourself slide now and again you HAVE to be diligent about this because it is a VERY slippery slope. keep letting yourself slip and before you know it you wont be doing ANY work at all and you wont be able to find ANY of your business stuff.

So still think its great to have your own business? In truth its a ton and a half of work to keep up with everything and to do everything on your own. It’s hard to tell people you care about to leave you be your working when you know they mean well. It’s hard to not go to the fun barbecue your best friend is having because you have to finish up a major project or because your packaging orders. It’s a TON of work and if you have small kids and they don’t understand that Mommy or Daddy is busy and can’t play all day it makes it worse. There IS an upside tho. If you can figure out how to balance all of that and can effectively be your own boss then the pay off I awesome and eventually you may be able to hire an extra set of hands to help you out.

I jumped into my own businesses with both feet without ever actually even beginning to think about the time money and commitment each would bring with it and I VERY quickly realized I needed to do some research and figure out what I was doing. I am still learning but am doing a LOT better today  then I did to begin with. so just remember to look before you leap and to get some decent math skills too.


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