Hi!I am Rae! I LOVE making things and am a HUGE crafter. I ended up starting My1SweetAngel when I saw how expensive handmade goods were becoming. While I LOVE handmade things I AM a girl on a budget and don’t think handmade should cost an arm and a leg.  The cute guy you see in the pic is Rudolph Valentino. He was my little lover kitten. He was the BEST cat you could have ever asked for.

He ended up getting REALLY sick when he was about a year old. I nursed him for MONTHS  trying to get him better. In the end Valentino passed away in my arms.. He didn’t want to go and it was a HORRIBLE experience, but I took his tragedy and decided to make something positive out of it.  We had to take him to the emergency vet in his last day and the cost of the bill up front was staggering. The only thing I could think of besides grieving for my little boy was what if this was an elderly person who had only that little ball of fur to love? What if that person had to decide between food/medicines/utilities etc or the one thing in the world that brought them joy and light into their life? Which is how my line of magnets came to exist. Proceeds from those go to help fun d the local emergency vet to help cover the cost for those who have to make that horrible choice.

I cater to items for your home, babies and pets. I think handmade is amazing but that it should NEVER cost you an arm and a leg.  EVERYTHING I make and sell is made by me in the USA and I do so with the promise not to charge a gazillion dollars for it! Here is where you can keep up with me and the store and even get a glimpse into my fun, crazy, busy, soap opera of a life!

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