Yes I work 24/7 and no I dont make a million dollars doing it. :)

Well I often get people thinking that I have a TON of free time to do whatever I want simply because I work a part-time job. They could not be MORE wrong. I work a part-time Job have now 4 businesses to try to run and get up off the ground AND have a household to manage have a house under renovations (yes still and at the rate its going, forever) a relationship to maintain and a father I help out with. That does not include the 6 pets, 2 acres of yard, garden, friendships, and the rest of daily life to deal with. Oh and I have a 5 yr old that starts kindergarten this fall.


When I tell people I work 24/7/ 365 I mean it. When you have your own business and you deal with online stuff it’s not a 9-5 or 4 hours a day and your done type of thing. You are ALWAYS working, even when your sleeping or on vacation you are ALWAYS WORKING. I am pretty much a one woman show. That means for my handmade business alone I have to make the “order” list for supplies, go purchase those supplies, drive home, make the items, pack up the items, photograph items for sale, list items, figure out cost and pricing AND shipping, I also have to write the descriptions, once an order if placed, I have to package the item for shipping, address the package take to the Post Office and mail said package then I also have to do the ACCOUNTING for the business of EVERYTHING, and file the taxes for the business as well.  Once in a while I get lucky and can mail a package from home or have someone go to the post for me or pick up a supply but that is VERY rare.

AND I do all this because I WANT to because I want to make a handmade product that is better than store-bought junk. I don’t complain about doing all of this because I DO love it. I do get frustrated when people don’t understand that i am VERY busy. Unlike large companies and a couple of other sellers I know, I don’t outsource my work to other people. Why? because I don’t think it would be right and also at this stage that would be VERY costly for me.  I also have a bit of OCD where my quality of product is concerned, I am almost manic afraid that if i outsource the finished product will NOT be up to my standards, also then I would most likely have to charge more for my items as well.

I am sorry but like I always state quality products should NOT cost an arm and a leg.

Oh and here in a little bit I will be having a blog about some ways people waste money and dont even know it! You would be surprised at what a lot of us do that is money down a drain!!! ( I am still learning but wow what I can save from what I have learned!!!


Business words of wisdom and some that apply to every day life..


So everyone has experienced the good and the bad in business. The store that made you feel great about coming and even being there even though the selection sucked and then there was the Store that had a HUGE selection but because of the way you were treated you NEVER want to go back there again, Well here are my words of wisdom about having and running a business.


  • It doesnt matter how clean your place is, if you dont take care of your customers you dont have a business.
  • Money is not the most important thing in the world, dont squabble over a penny.
  • If you business is failing then its cause you arent treating people with respect.
  • ALWAYS be available to your customers or give a legitimate reason why you arent, “just because” is never good enough.
  • If you dont want to deal with a LOT of people every day, DONT OPEN YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!
  • If you dont want to work and just want to lay around and do nothing all day go find a sugar daddy cause your not going to be successful.
  • Even if your wrong it doesnt mean the customer is always right.
  • Email is not a luxury to be checked at whim, it is a necessity.
  • There is no need to act like you know everything about the business even if you do, that’s just being an ass.
  • People are not there to please you by buying your products, be thankful you have products that please the people coming in.
  • If your staff stands around and goes Wha? when asked a question their not the ones looking stupid, you are for hiring and then not training them.
  • IF you dont tell your staff then dont expect them to know about it. and if its someones day off, make damn sure they are informed when they come back.
  • Owning your own business is hard it requires a 24/7 commitment. IF you dont want that then dont open one.
  • Just because your business is stressing you it is no reason to be a jackass to everyone else.
  • If your nice to the customers and mean to your employees and friends and family, you customers will find out.
  • DONT assume your employees dont talk to employees of other businesses, trust me they do and they will tell EVERYTHING.
  • If you dont want to do inventory and keep track of sales and expenses then hire someone to do it but dont you DARE complain about what you have to pay someone to do your job for you because you simply dont want to!!!
  • Never assume you know everything about your business, there is ALWAYS something new coming along to learn about.
  • Just because a customer is upset does not make them an ass or a bitch, it just makes them upset.
  • If a customer is upset, dont debate it just fix it and move on.
  • If you dont like your job and can find not one redeeming thing about it then quit your bitching and leave
  • DONT let your kids or yourself trash a bathroom, how would you like it if the store employees did it to you?
  • Have respect for other people, just because you are/are not having a bad day does not mean the other person is/isnt.
  • Negativity in the workplace breeds bad work, change your attitude and try to help others change theirs.
  • Employees and customers are not just numbers, they are people with thought and feeling and emotions, treat them as such.
  • “Timely manner” does NOT mean you get back to them in a week, it means in 24-48 hours unless it is a weekend or a holiday.
  • No your mothers birthday does NOT count as a holiday!
  • Remember the Signs at the zoo that say “do not feed the animals?” you should every once in awhile ignore it and  feed your employees.
  • it shows your appreciation and brings positivity to the job.
  • Just because you own your own business does not mean you will be having big bucks to spend. DONT DO IT!!!!
  • If you want happy employees give them a raise, If you want employees who will stay give them appreciation and recognition.