Balancing Act!

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? I am doing pretty good.

I, like most people I think, have trouble finding balance to do everything I want to do in a day and so I ended up coming up with a way for me to have more of a balancing act in my life. I am going ot start looking at what can I do in a week as opposed to what can I do in a day. I think it will work much better for me and I wont feel AS pressured as I do when I have a list of 300 things to accomplish in one day.

The way I am starting this off is, and I will be starting this this weekend, is I want to do x number of hours per week to something. Whether its cleaning, renovation work, the business, paperwork or whatever.  That way if say I want to spend 2 hours today cleaning and I do then I will feel better about it then if I have 20 different cleaning things listed and only accomplish 10 of them because some of them took a lot longer to do then I thought they would.


there are only so many hours in a day and there is only so much one person can do in those hours. I will bw starting this this sunday andwill be trying to keep to my ideas of time the best I can and if I happen to go over then i can easily readjust the blocks of time to make it work better. A balancing act is like everything else there are bumps and dips in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it all works out in the end.


Friend that cant be trusted.

Hi everyone! I have this on my brain at the moment so decided to just go ahead and talk about it on here.  Hope you all don’t mind!!!


I have a second line on my cell phone and my friend S. needed a phone. Now this friend lives in another state and has been my best friend for years so I agreed to go ahead and let him use my second line no issue as long as he helped with the bill. well adding him to my bill and the use of the second line has doubled my bill every month.   AS to date he has had the phone for well over 6-8 months and has paid maybe 50.00total which is nothing. I am now having a situation where due to unexpected medical expenses I can’t  make the entire bill this month. I called and asked him if he could pay 75-100 dollars of it. He actually threw a bit of a fit and said he thought it was unreasonable… The bill is 235.00 and even if he paid 100.00 I would still be paying the bulk of the bill. He said he could take that 75.00 I wanted and go to Walmart and buy me a trak-phone for 30-35 and send it to me. I have a droid phone with unlimited everything and it has apps on it I use for my business. I felt as though he had just slapped me in the face. It’s so ridiculous.  I have been footing the bill for him the entire time paying this ALL out of my pocket when he has paid maybe 50.00 one time??Please……


He has said in the past I will pay something, I will pay something, and then doesn’t.This time he said I will do my best, which I am taking to mean I aint paying nothing, he has until the friday before the bill is due to pay something or I am shutting off the phone and getting rid of the line.  I have had it with being taken advantage of. This WAS my best friend! His actions and his not being willing to keep his word for so long have basically ruined our friendship to the point of last straw. If he doesn’t come through then our friendship is over. I don’t need a friend like that ever


Take a lesson from this if someone keeps saying ” I will, I will” but never does then get rid of them you don’t need them and honestly they’re not doing anything to show that they appreciate you as a friend. Friends give and take not just give or just take. If the other person can’t give then they are self and self-absorbed. Their not worth your time or energy.