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Hi everyone! I hope you guys are staying cool! I am trying. Its REALLY humid and in the high 80’s and low 90’s here so its being a bit difficult. even though the night are cooler its STILL warm and kinda sticky.

Thought I would update you guys as to what IS going on. I am still working on wash cloths and dish cloths and am making good headway even though it is still taking me longer then I like. I have also been doing some sketching and clay sculpting so far i have 12 magikal toadstools done and 6 swans and 4 geese. My sculptures are VERY tiny and would easily sit on a nickel or penny.  I am looking at making even more swans with glitter wings so stay tuned for that too. When they’re done they will be up for sale through my art page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/WorldofRaeScott I will also be posting pictures of a couple of the finished pieces in my World of Rae Scott Blog here on WordPress and my Tumblr.

I am not sure if you guys are aware or not but my beloved camera got broken a couple of months ago and I really want to get it fixed! I called the manufacturer and it is going to cost me up to 150.00 including shipping to get it fixed so any money that I make from my handmade and art stuff will be going towards that so i can get it fixed. For now I am using a really old digital Kodak easy share camera that does not take the best pics. I will be SO grateful for any help you guys want to give me!!

Have a great weekend and take care everyone!


Busy little Bee!!!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I have been SO busy. We are still in renovations at the house PLUS mowing 2 acres of land with a push mower, turning over a good sized garden with ONLY a shovel by myself (this lead to a lot of pain), planting flowers, working the day job, taking care of my father, spending time with the boyfriend and friends, and so much more!  I am tired just listing all of it! LOL

    I have started production on a new line of hair flowers made from fabric. I am REALLY hoping you guys will like them! There will be a size for babies and for older girls too. I also am going to be introducing a line of wine glass charms! I am hoping you guys will like those too!!! I had sent them to my photographer and he kept them for MONTHS without ever photographing them. I finally got them back and cant wait to start photographing them and getting them listed!
    I am currently working on my dishcloth line. I got so burned out on making baby hats its not funny. I know I will be going back and finishing them though. Still no word on when I will be fully re-opened. I am SO SO SO sorry I really thought I would be reopened fully by now but the house is taking  WAY longer then I anticipated. I am the only one doing any work on it and there is a TON of outside work to be done while the weather is nice enough to allow me to do it. On top of all of that I am still trying to figure out how to get tables and displays etc so I can do some shows this year. I REALLY want to get out there and do some shows and meet you!  ALSO I am looking at doing some fun little gift baskets coming this winter, for the holiday season.  What do you think? a kitchen gift basket or a bath one? What about a baby one?
    How am I going to get all of this done? I have no freaking clue! LOL maybe I will go a few nights here and there without sleep, just don’t tell the boyfriend, he thinks I work way to hard as is.  I will say he may be right but honestly if I don’t work hard i wont get anywhere right??
    Love light and stitches !!!!