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Hi everyone! I hope you guys are staying cool! I am trying. Its REALLY humid and in the high 80’s and low 90’s here so its being a bit difficult. even though the night are cooler its STILL warm and kinda sticky.

Thought I would update you guys as to what IS going on. I am still working on wash cloths and dish cloths and am making good headway even though it is still taking me longer then I like. I have also been doing some sketching and clay sculpting so far i have 12 magikal toadstools done and 6 swans and 4 geese. My sculptures are VERY tiny and would easily sit on a nickel or penny.  I am looking at making even more swans with glitter wings so stay tuned for that too. When they’re done they will be up for sale through my art page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/WorldofRaeScott I will also be posting pictures of a couple of the finished pieces in my World of Rae Scott Blog here on WordPress and my Tumblr.

I am not sure if you guys are aware or not but my beloved camera got broken a couple of months ago and I really want to get it fixed! I called the manufacturer and it is going to cost me up to 150.00 including shipping to get it fixed so any money that I make from my handmade and art stuff will be going towards that so i can get it fixed. For now I am using a really old digital Kodak easy share camera that does not take the best pics. I will be SO grateful for any help you guys want to give me!!

Have a great weekend and take care everyone!


Balancing Act!

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? I am doing pretty good.

I, like most people I think, have trouble finding balance to do everything I want to do in a day and so I ended up coming up with a way for me to have more of a balancing act in my life. I am going ot start looking at what can I do in a week as opposed to what can I do in a day. I think it will work much better for me and I wont feel AS pressured as I do when I have a list of 300 things to accomplish in one day.

The way I am starting this off is, and I will be starting this this weekend, is I want to do x number of hours per week to something. Whether its cleaning, renovation work, the business, paperwork or whatever.  That way if say I want to spend 2 hours today cleaning and I do then I will feel better about it then if I have 20 different cleaning things listed and only accomplish 10 of them because some of them took a lot longer to do then I thought they would.


there are only so many hours in a day and there is only so much one person can do in those hours. I will bw starting this this sunday andwill be trying to keep to my ideas of time the best I can and if I happen to go over then i can easily readjust the blocks of time to make it work better. A balancing act is like everything else there are bumps and dips in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it all works out in the end.

Yes I work 24/7 and no I dont make a million dollars doing it. :)

Well I often get people thinking that I have a TON of free time to do whatever I want simply because I work a part-time job. They could not be MORE wrong. I work a part-time Job have now 4 businesses to try to run and get up off the ground AND have a household to manage have a house under renovations (yes still and at the rate its going, forever) a relationship to maintain and a father I help out with. That does not include the 6 pets, 2 acres of yard, garden, friendships, and the rest of daily life to deal with. Oh and I have a 5 yr old that starts kindergarten this fall.


When I tell people I work 24/7/ 365 I mean it. When you have your own business and you deal with online stuff it’s not a 9-5 or 4 hours a day and your done type of thing. You are ALWAYS working, even when your sleeping or on vacation you are ALWAYS WORKING. I am pretty much a one woman show. That means for my handmade business alone I have to make the “order” list for supplies, go purchase those supplies, drive home, make the items, pack up the items, photograph items for sale, list items, figure out cost and pricing AND shipping, I also have to write the descriptions, once an order if placed, I have to package the item for shipping, address the package take to the Post Office and mail said package then I also have to do the ACCOUNTING for the business of EVERYTHING, and file the taxes for the business as well.  Once in a while I get lucky and can mail a package from home or have someone go to the post for me or pick up a supply but that is VERY rare.

AND I do all this because I WANT to because I want to make a handmade product that is better than store-bought junk. I don’t complain about doing all of this because I DO love it. I do get frustrated when people don’t understand that i am VERY busy. Unlike large companies and a couple of other sellers I know, I don’t outsource my work to other people. Why? because I don’t think it would be right and also at this stage that would be VERY costly for me.  I also have a bit of OCD where my quality of product is concerned, I am almost manic afraid that if i outsource the finished product will NOT be up to my standards, also then I would most likely have to charge more for my items as well.

I am sorry but like I always state quality products should NOT cost an arm and a leg.

Oh and here in a little bit I will be having a blog about some ways people waste money and dont even know it! You would be surprised at what a lot of us do that is money down a drain!!! ( I am still learning but wow what I can save from what I have learned!!!

The Invisible Girl.

Hi everyone! I normally don’t get into topics of religions or bullying or what not but it’s very late and I am in a thoughtful mood so looking back at things I would like to tell you a story. There are many things out there about bullying these days. Unfortunately there is something even worse for kids then bullying, being ignored.

It was a typical winters day, the little girl picked up her lunch tray and walked over to the tables to sit. Nobody looked up as she walked past, none of the other happily chatting and eating kids called her over to their table with the invite to join them. She reached the end of the tables and slid into the end of the last one, alone. No other kids were at the table for her to talk to, not that they would even have acknowledged her if they had been there.

Looking down at her tray her stomach cramped and what little appetite she had disappeared. She fought to hide the fact she was about to start crying, having been made fun of for crying at school a few weeks before. Today was her 10th birthday. Even though it should have been a happy day full of celebration and fun it was actually a very sad empty day for her. Nobody had yet to wish her happy birthday, not her mother or teachers, none of her classmates either. Not even so much as a card or word was said.  The teachers always wrote the birthdays on the chalkboard and had the class sing happy birthday, but her teacher hadn’t done that.

She stared off through the big window trying not to think about what her birthday was going to end up like. She didn’t really have any friends because she was shy, her parents had divorced the previous year right after her older brother had moved out of the house.  Her mother had already told her she wouldn’t be home till late because she was going to dinner at one of the fancy restaurants downtown with some of her friends from work. Her father was working a 16 hour shift that day so he wouldn’t be able to call her either.  Her brother hadn’t been heard from since he had moved out and she missed him a lot. The rest of her family pretty much ignored her too.  She picked at the lint on her sweater trying not to think about it. trying to block out the fact it was her birthday.  She picked at her food trying to eat something but her stomach always seemed to roll when she took a bite. It was okay though, she wasn’t really hungry anyway. She dumped her tray and went back to her classroom.

The day passed and she concentrated on her lessons, ignoring the upset stomach. Secretly she kept hoping that  SOMEONE would remember her. Acknowledge that it was the day she was born in even a small way. As the day wore on her heart and hope sank farther and farther into her toes until it leached out into the floor. The end of the school day came and she put on her coat and got her backpack and books. She rode the bus home just like every other day and let herself into a quiet empty house.

She hung her coat on the back of a chair and dropped her backpack onto the floor, curled up on the sofa and cried. She was 10 years old now, no longer a “little kid” she was one of the “big kids” now and nobody even noticed. Nobody even cared. She felt completely and totally alone. As the tears fell and she cried large sobs her black kitten jumped up beside her and rubbed her on the arm. The little black kitten was her ONLY friend and at that moment it was the only person in the entire world that cared about her. For some reason that made her feel better and worse at the same time and she cried even harder.

She cried herself to sleep there on the sofa. When she woke up it was dark and her mom still wasn’t home. She turned on a light and felt hollow, looking around she sighed and something inside shifted and told her to get used to it. This was how it was going to be from now on. She checked the mail wondering if MAYBE someone had sent her a card, there was nothing. She was let down, hurt and felt alone all over again. It was getting late and she didn’t know when her mother was going to come home. so she went in the kitchen to find something to eat. A plain peanut butter sandwich was her birthday dinner. She did her homework and went upstairs and got a hot bath. By then it was almost 8 and still no mom so she pulled out a book and read. 2 books later her mom finally got home. It was around 1030pm.

Even though her mom had not paid any attention to her beyond what was absolutely necessary since they had moved out of her old home she had a faint hope and fervent wish that her mom would at least wish her a happy birthday before she went to bed.  Instead she heard her mom complaining about her book bag being in the floor and her coat not being in the closet. She turned off her light and laid down to sleep. The last thing she heard before she closed her eyes on her 10th birthday washer mother muttering  “good the brat is asleep”  from her bedroom door and silent tears started falling wetting her pillow. She cried herself to sleep again.

That little girl grew up being ignored, feeling invisible, unloved and unwanted and completely insignificant.  The lack of feeling cared about caused her to shut down on people, to become distant, to actually become afraid of people who were supposed to care. She felt completely uncared about by anyone and incredibly hurt by those closest to her. It left her with an inability to trust in people, especially anyone who said they loved her

Yes bullying is wrong and its hurtful but being invisible is worse than bullying. Its one thing to be picked on and tormented, it’s another to feel completely unwanted, uncared for, and completely insignificant. Being an invisible child is what leads to life long battles with self-esteem, trust issues, and depression.  It is what causes trouble with having good strong relationships with others no matter how much they may want it. Invisible children will ALWAYS suffer the rest of their lives. They want to trust but don’t know how to do so easily. They want friends and close personal relationships but struggle to maintain them, always fighting with themselves to try and feel equal or worthy or loved or even cared about in the relationship. They struggle to feel good enough or worthy enough of ANY happiness, even with years of therapy and medications. They crave friendships and being around people and relationships yet are constantly afraid of being rejected and turned away or being “odd man out” from everyone. They fear being isolated from people or rejected by people so they isolate themselves to protect themselves from the hurt.

PLEASE people, I ask you to raise your kids in a way so their not ignored, and teach them to friend those kids that don’t have friends. Teach them not to give up on those kids, because those kids are the ones who need a friend the most.

Busy little Bee!!!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I have been SO busy. We are still in renovations at the house PLUS mowing 2 acres of land with a push mower, turning over a good sized garden with ONLY a shovel by myself (this lead to a lot of pain), planting flowers, working the day job, taking care of my father, spending time with the boyfriend and friends, and so much more!  I am tired just listing all of it! LOL

    I have started production on a new line of hair flowers made from fabric. I am REALLY hoping you guys will like them! There will be a size for babies and for older girls too. I also am going to be introducing a line of wine glass charms! I am hoping you guys will like those too!!! I had sent them to my photographer and he kept them for MONTHS without ever photographing them. I finally got them back and cant wait to start photographing them and getting them listed!
    I am currently working on my dishcloth line. I got so burned out on making baby hats its not funny. I know I will be going back and finishing them though. Still no word on when I will be fully re-opened. I am SO SO SO sorry I really thought I would be reopened fully by now but the house is taking  WAY longer then I anticipated. I am the only one doing any work on it and there is a TON of outside work to be done while the weather is nice enough to allow me to do it. On top of all of that I am still trying to figure out how to get tables and displays etc so I can do some shows this year. I REALLY want to get out there and do some shows and meet you!  ALSO I am looking at doing some fun little gift baskets coming this winter, for the holiday season.  What do you think? a kitchen gift basket or a bath one? What about a baby one?
    How am I going to get all of this done? I have no freaking clue! LOL maybe I will go a few nights here and there without sleep, just don’t tell the boyfriend, he thinks I work way to hard as is.  I will say he may be right but honestly if I don’t work hard i wont get anywhere right??
    Love light and stitches !!!!