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Meet my friend!

Hey everyone! I want you to meet my friend Lu from Crocheted Little Things on Artfire. she makes the absolute cutest cupcakes from yarn! she also makes these really awesome facial rounds which I am obsessed over. I have found so many uses for them and still finding more!


use mine for my face but I also use them for when I am doing my makeup too to help clear up any smudges or loose shadows or what not that may fall

I also use them for coasters on the arm of my futon since I don’t have actual coasters that my dad is willing to share.

I use them to wipe my dogs face. I have a chihuahua mix and she gets these little things in her eyes and so do all my dogs sometimes to be honest so these are GREAT gentle ways to wipe their face. I just moisten with warm water from the tap.

These are AMAZING to use when washing a baby, their smaller so not so awkward, their gentle enough to be used all over but PERFECT for use on the face and hair.

when I need to lean off my phone or laptop these work great! their not bulky and they catch the dust and are smooth enough to NOT scratch anything!

These are just a FEW things I have found uses of them for and the best part is I can just wash them and dry them and their good to go and end up costing WAY less than a bunch of Cotton balls or paper towels in the long run AND they are good for the environment because I am not making more waste! Right now Lu is having an inventory liquidation sale because she is looking at losing her Artfire store so head on over and get a great deal on these while you still can! Just look for her shop, Crocheted Little Things!